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stephanieStephanie Cook is the sole proprietor of Learn2Learn Montessori based daycare and is a local facilitator of The World Groove Movement. Her love for lifelong learning, and her passion for helping to raise a generation of competent and compassionate individuals is embedded in all of her life and business endeavours.

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Learn2Learn is a Montessori based daycare located on 36 acres in the North West end of Peterborough. Learn2Learn combines the academic and skill based learning of a traditional Montessori program, with a nature based hands on learning program in my backyard farm. Through participation in community programs children have the opportunity to interact within a larger learning environment.



Groove is a group dance experience. Unified by the beat of the music, groove allows each participant to take a series of simple moves and interpret them according to their own physical  ability, and the way the music inspires their soul. FamilyGROOVE is a great way to strengthen your bond with your family while enjoying a half hour of physical activity and creativity.  GROOVEFusion is an adult only class. It is a wonderful opportunity to let go of the stresses of your day and get back in tune with your body and emotions.


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